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Wednesday, 8 June 2016


The last email I sent to the CEO of TalkTalk, Dido Harding, who has been helpful in the past.

I will let you know what she replies.


I have had enough. At first I thought I was just being dicked about by your Indian Support desk. Now I realise that ALL of your technicians are incompetent. I am getting no joy from your CEO office either. EVERYTHING takes another day. All I hear is 48 hours, another 48 hours, another 72 hours. Are you aware that you are heading an organisation as dysfunctional as this?

I am going to take TalkTalk to court and claim a heap for inconvenience. Also I will try to get publicity from any and every press outlet that will listen to me. I am sorry that you were too busy to help.

I have NEVER been treated as badly as this, personally or corporately.


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