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Monday, 12 July 2010


In the last glorious 24 hours I have seen it all.

My mate has had his car keyed. Probably because he parked where someone else thought they should be able to park.

I have been sent a copy of an email "politely" asking for people to ensure that they don't park opposite someone's drive.

I have been told "I get priority to park here" because I live nearest this bit of road.

What the fuck is it with people?

No, Old Holborn, I'm not a communist. I'm very, very far from being one.

But I'll tell you what. If I had a house with a piece of parkable kerb outside it, or a bit of river suitable for mooring a boat, I would get some signs printed that said "please feel free to park here" and put them up for all to see.

FFS. What IS the big deal with wanting to own stuff? Wanting people not to be able to use it, even though the owner doesn't use it himself? Wanting to make their plot just that little bit bigger?

These same people are the ones who will moan at society if society doesn't mow their grass verge. If they were own-verge-mowers, I might sort of begin to partially understand. But I don't. These people are also the people who moan because someone within their field of vision (aka if they crouch on top of the wardrobe and crane their necks round) has a compost bin which is not exactly the same colour as their house/bush/concrete path. These are the same people who will fill their dustbin to overflowing, leave it outside on the road four days before the collection is due, then start to leave carrier bags round it full of plastic wrappings and veg peelings so the rats will come at night and strew them all down the street.

Someone, please, what is it with people?


JuliaM said...

God only knows. But if you ever find out, please let us all know - it's a bigger mystery than what happened to Judge Crater!

Pam Nash said...

I'll tell you something that you won't believe, although it's true. Piers Morgan has it right about this, (I've lost you now I've mentioned him, haven't I? But persevere)he says that when he drives an Aston Martin or similar in the USA, he gets folk coming up to him at lights etc., saying 'Great car, man!'. When he drives a comparable car in the UK, he stops at lights and folks shout 'Wanker!' or something like that, to him. He reckons that success as typified by a nice car, or some other thing, is applauded in the USA, but in the UK it's vilified through jealousy. Having spent a lot of time myself in the USA, you know what? I think he's right. What neither Piers nor I understand is why this should be.

Mrs Rigby said...

The conditioning worked didn't it? In Britain you aren't allowed to be successful, and being 'nice' is old fashioned.