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Tuesday, 17 January 2012


If you go from the M6 to the A14 you have to go down the slip road. Because it is a balls-up, all the lanes go into one at the end.

A BMW, driven by a suit, who was obviously really important, decided this morning to make another lane especially for BMWs. Unfortunately the lorry in the correct lane didn't realise this, nor did the other lorry coming the other way. He should have had his "I AM VERY IMPORTANT" sign on.

Anyway, he got sandwiched between the two and bounced up and down until enough bits had fallen off for him to carry on through the gap.


Anyone want to buy some BMW bits, like wing mirrors, wing, door handles etc? I can tell you where there are some. Slightly damaged.



Fat Jac said...

Does driving a BMW turn you into a cunt, or do you have to be a cunt already to buy one?

This needs proper scientific investigation

Pete said...

I used to be a suit, I had a BMW 328i, I got rid of the suit and the BMW but I'm still a cunt!

Anonymous said...

There's a chemical in the driver's seat (the Audi has it as well) that once wamred by the driver's arse is released turning the driver into a cunt.

Bet seeing that this morning made your day, Uncle Marvo. Certainly would have made mine.