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Thursday, 15 March 2012

The lion and the mouse

There's an old fable about a lion in the jungle, and a mouse. The lion gets a thorn stuck in its foot, and the mouse takes it out. I don't know if lions eat mice, but they might. Anyway, the lion doesn't eat this one. And one day some time later, the mouse is about to be eaten by something that DOES eat mice, and the lion turns up at the right time and scares the other animal away.

Some time ago when I had a job, there was an engineer who was supposed to turn up to fix something. He didn't turn up. My boss was livid and, being a bit of an arse, got on to the guy's head office and demanded his head on a plate. I, in the meantime, texted the engineer, and was answered by his girlfriend who said he'd had a dizzy attack, so I fixed the broken thing myself and explained to the boss that he was, in fact, being an arse and he should back off. The engineer found out about this and thinks I'm brilliant. Which I'm not.

Anyway, I'm off for an interview for a job with the firm that this engineer works at.

I think I'll get it.

Unless it's the story about the mouse and the lion where the mouse meets the lion a year later and says hello, and the lion eats the mouse. It was the wrong lion.

*fingers crossed*

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Batsby said...

Best of luck.

(Although jobs, in general, suck!)