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Tuesday, 24 July 2012


I understand Gawky said that paying your milkman in cash is deplorable.

This is why it isn't.

I WANT to be corrected so I can join the ranks of taxpaying tossers who seem to think it's the way forward. But I don't understand.

All figures approximate but not far wrong.

I earn £100 a day. After meagre allowances which just about pays for razor blades, I get £50 of that, the rest is swallowed up in tax and NI.

I can't spend the other £50. It's been taken from me.

In that day, I spend £12 on diesel, of which £10 is tax.

That leaves £38.

I buy a packet of fags for £8. £6 of that is tax.

That leaves £30.

I go to the pub and buy a pint, for £3. £2 of that is tax.

I have another one. That leaves £24.

I get some potatoes and onions and bits to make dinner, and stuff for my sandwiches tomorrow. No tax (much).

I have £20 left and today I need to have a puncture mended.

I can pay the chap £20 to have it mended, balanced, new valve. OR I can pay him £10 cash and have £10 of my £100 left.

What should I do?

If I thought that the tax (£70 so far) went to making a strong and vibrant and happy society. I might not have to ask.

PS, the remaining tenner went on my kids who got a fiver each to go to some party or other. If you have a problem with that feel free to let me know, and bring a bat. I resent paying for Mandy, 15, mother of two from fucking Wellingborough to sit in Costa all day at my expense.

But I am asking. Tell me. Lefties? Communists? Complete fucking retards? Tell me.

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