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Tuesday, 17 July 2012


My brother, who is a pretty useless specimen, although I love him dearly, has identified his next business venture.

He will be a foster parent.

He will get £400 a week, tax free, for one kid.

"Right, no problem," you say.

I say this. I have two of needing all my money age. So, to give them £400 a week, I need to earn £800. AFTER tax. So that's £1600, near as damn it.

And I then pay tax of £800, a week. And half of that pays for my brother to sit on his arse.

And if you can't see what's wrong with that, you're beyond stupid.

Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to include the additional funds to take them on holiday, school trips and other "non essentials"!

Marie Wilson said...

You think people foster for the money? You think your useless specimen of a brother is deemed fit to look after neglected children? I am glad you can love and care for your own children. I am sorry that you show little compassion for the squalor that the majority of these children are dragged from and have had to endure. If it takes £1000 a week to give thses children a taste of normality - isn't it worth it? It costs a helluva alot more to institutionalise children. Do you remember the disaster of institutionalised orphaned children in Romania? I very much doubt it you pig of a person. Uncle Marvo? Are you an uncle or an 'uncle' these children were escaping from? I am grateful to my foster parents for everything they did for me.

Hugh said...

You are a revolting human being, Uncle. Admit it. Marie Wilson has got you pegged.

Hugh said...

I wonder if Marie Wilson is dead yet.

Anonymous said...

I think you get more money if you foster black ones