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Wednesday, 25 July 2012


The thoughts of Chairman Pengy.

Before you shout racist, please listen.

Multiculturalism. Briilliant. I smoke skunk, I like sitar music, I love Indian food, Spanish drinks, Flamenco, Cuban riffs, Moroccan spices, and Brazilians. Especially Brazilians.

Because of air travel, I can find those things in Jamaica, India, Spain, South America and North Africa.

I have no objection to anyone who wants to come to England, obey the laws we have (as stupid as they are), and promotes culture like that. I've driven 1000 miles to see Fito y Fitipaldis who are awesome, and when he came here he hardly filled the foyer at Hammersmith.

I don't like Sharia law, cross-amputation, banning everything, and Female Genital Mutilation.

People who want to come to England and try to instil that culture here should be sent away tout de suite, as they say in Germany.

So. If you'd like to call me a racist to my face, do let me know where and when. I travel well. Bring a bat and a couple of mates.

Now shut up, and ACCEPT that there is not only a difference, but whoever thought that England was a melting pot for all and sundry was a complete prick.


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Robert the Biker said...

The big problem is that our society can absorb a certain number of people, but not any more cultures. I like Indian food too, and Italian, but I don't want to live in either Calcutta or Milan.