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Thursday, 28 January 2010


When I read my favourite bloggers I always find that they've fuelled their blogs with something notable in the news.

Were this not so, all of the blogs would be about the weather, I suppose.

But I've found a great source of blogfuel.

Amazing. All sorts of idiots posting complete codswallop, in 140 characters, on what NuLab have "achieved".

Ignoring the inability of many of the MPs posting on there to distinguish between "effect" and "affect", and ignoring the fact that many are claiming that Gordo's promises of what he is going to do when (rofl) he's elected as fact (rofl, again), one of the huge popular retweets is the one about cancer mortality rates. Fallen 18% since 1995-1997. Must be NuLab. Great.

Look up mortality rates on t'internut. Lots of good news. Now look it up again, but add "international" to the search. We are actually down less than the US, and many other European countries.

Statistics, eh?

I'll let someone else do the next most popular - more disadvantaged kids can go to uni. It's an easy one.


Cold Steel Rain said...

It's not all bad news under Labour. The Army for example have been able to prove beyond all doubt that there equipment is in fact shit...

It's swings and roundabouts old boy (or perhaps not!)

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