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Tuesday, 26 January 2010


That content will change. The BBC is known for changing their content, rather than writing a new piece. Such is the online media, these days.

But I'm chuffed. We're out of recession.

Euphobics everywhere will be disappointed, but not me. No, sir.

I'm going to set up a manufacturing company now. I'll be rich!

All I need to do is to find some premises, buy some equipment, get a workforce, bring in some raw materials, arrange transport, sell to Tesco and yay! The money will roll in.

I've thought hard about this. I don't see the downside. Apart from one or two very small things, such as:

Business Rates
Legal Costs
Accountancy Costs
Loan Servicing Costs
Personnel Overheads
National Insurance
Import Duty
Fuel Tax
Getting Paid in 90 Days

Not a problem. Easy-peasy. I can still compete with the huge multinational corporation, not a problem.

Oh. Hold on. We MIGHT not be out of recession. The economy grew by 0.1%. That's statistically insignificant. But still, it's positive. Yes, I'll set up a company.

Oh. Hold on. It's an ESTIMATE. Using 40% of the available data.


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