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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Why we are going to hell in a handcart

Because someone thinks they can do better

We are going to have a general election. There are three parties who could possibly win it.

The Conservatives will win.
New Labour will come second.
The Lib Dems will come third.

That's not a guess. It's fact

People who will vote Conservative are the people who always vote Conservative, plus those who have realised after only twelve years that New Labour, who they voted for the last three times, have fucked up beyond all recognition.

People who will vote New Labour are the people who always voted for Labour or New Labour, but have not realised after twelve years that this lot have fucked up beyond all recognition. It amazes me that there must be millions of those, but there you go.

People who will vote Lib Dems are the people who are disillusioned with the Conservatives AND New Labour, or have always voted for the Lib Dems, despite the fact that they are not going to get in.

What the Conservatives and Lib Dems have in common is the fact that despite their ramblings they have no experience of being in power. They also have limited access to the figures that those in power have, therefore whatever they claim can be knocked down in microseconds by those who are already in (and therefore do have access).

What we know, thus far, is that the ones in power currently have made a stupendous balls-up of just about everything they've touched. Since the spin machine came into existence just before May 1997, they have bungled their way through a lawmaking state-controlled hubris-driven yee-haa ransacking of this once-great country's money, morality, sovereignty - anything good we ever had. Including democracy.

I have no doubt at all that The Great Tony had this in his plan. I have no doubt that the whole party did.

He achieved what he set out to do then did a runner just before the wheels fell off. All credit to him. He was never stupid.

I have no doubt at all that he thought that what he was doing was the Right Thing, at least to start with. I knew it wasn't, but then again I'm amongst millions who knew that, so it wasn't clever even with the benefit of hindsight.

I strongly suspect that people who voted for New Labour originally did so because they were fed up with the Tories, who had been in for too long, and become complacent after John Major's unexpected, though slim, election victory in 1992. Poor old Major suffered the same fate as Clown, in that his predecessor (Maggie, in Major's case) did a runner at the first sign of wheels-off, leaving the incumbent to take the rap for a bit of a recession.

New Labour then proceeded to take the credit (excuse the pun) for the post-recession boom (even though Major had brought unemployment down from around 3M to around 2M), instigated partly at least by Clown's flogging-off of the gold reserves at bottom-dollar, along with a couple of bridges and anything else that wasn't nailed down. Hence the Dead Donkey joke (of course you've heard it).

Simples. Four years on, re-election.

Four more. Re-election.

A couple more. Too late, ten years in this position is untenable. The lunacy bites. The megalomania is incurable. But then the shit starts to get a bit too close to the fan for comfort, and apart from the odd bit of genocide the reputation is repairable. Do a runner.

Poor Clown. Posture, puff out that chest. Get the job. Beat all comers - you know, the ones who probably saw it coming and thought "Hm. Shall I go for the job, so I can go down in the annals of history as the one driving the chariot at wheels-off time?"

And now, and not before time, it's the Tories' turn.

Dave, I believe, honestly thinks he can do better. I honestly think he couldn't do worse, but that's not good enough. He has ZERO experience of being in charge. Nor does Nick. Nor the other Nick. You can, I understand, go to Uni and get a degree in Politics. I know that, because Miliband (D) has at least two of them. I don't know if Churchill, Thatcher, Major or any of those actually taught Politics. If not, then I suspect that the people who do teach it are people who have learnt is from someone else who taught it, and none of these have ever had any experience of it.

"STFU, Marvo," I hear you cry. "What is your point?"

"I shall tell you!" I say.

This is my point: this sort of government doesn't work. It doesn't work here, it doesn't work anywhere else. Look at the international press (small 'i') and see. Apart from the obvious www (world wide wecession) AKA the Banking Ballsup, which was fixable but wasn't fixed, everyone's in the same boat. Especially all of Europe (regardless of the spin that some of them put on it).

Look at the antipodes - they have emulated "our" PC, control-based philosophy, and are now leaving in their droves too.

Then look at the smaller, "less-developed" countries. The smaller ones. Where they do a lot of smiling, there isn't much in the way of crime, they don't do dissidence. They have an elected government, they find ways to make money. Antigua, say. There are many others. If you doubt, go there, go to their capitals, not to the hotels and beaches. Have a look.

We can devolve. We don't need to be bigger. The EU is a step too far.

There would be one way we could achieve that status and set the way forward. Sadly, it is not an option, for the powers-that-be have cornered any attempt at it. That way would be NOT TO VOTE AT ALL.

Told you they were clever.

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