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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Sweeping Generalisation

Why do people who are actively supporting NuLab, promoting Leftist views, etc, look like cunts to me?

I have a few ideas, but I would like some input on this.

My suspicions:

1. Because they are cunts.
2. Because they are likely to be the kind of people I wouldn't like and therefore I expect them to look cuntish.
3. I am convincing myself they look cuntlike - if I didn't know their political views I might think they looked much less cunty.

Any other ideas?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

In my youth, I thought that reactionary old farts looked like cunts, which was odd because at that age I didn't know what a real cunt looked like. Now, I know what a real cunt looks like and I agree with you. But I guess the young people of today probably think that I look like a cunt. They'll learn ... they'll learn.