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Tuesday, 23 August 2011


While I'm on my soapbox, here is another law I would like to see. And no, I don't like laws. But this one is tops.

I know what I say won't make a difference, but at least I said it.

I would like to see all booze duty removed from sales of booze in pubs. All of it. It can be replaced by a higher tax (duty my arse) on booze in shops. Especially supermarkets, and especially Tesco, but that's a bit impractical.

See, the win here is that people will go to pubs. The British brewing industry will win, and that's often small concerns, such as fff, Hog's Back, Pot Belly and the like. Chavs might stop drinking turps substitute, White Ace and similar drain cleaning products which they buy for 59p a can. People who drink in pubs, instead of caning the stuff at home, at least have someone to look after them if they manage to get shitfaced. Even someone to stop serving them when they're incapable of coherent speech and motion.

And the other upside is that people might even talk to each other. They might even see how the powers-that-be are arse-raping them.

Can't see why this doesn't get implemented. Er, hang on ...

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