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Tuesday, 23 August 2011


MPs. I don't think any MPs read this blog. I don't blame them, it's mostly drivel.

Perhaps someone who knows an MP or something about MPs would know the answer to this, because it has puzzled me for ages.

When someone who appears to be really straightforward and honest becomes an MP, why do they suddenly start to talk shite, agree with whatever the Prime Minister says, and generally go on a self-destruct mission, taking the country with them? Why would they want to perpetuate wars? Or perhaps the imposition of curfews and cens*rsh*p?

My suspicion has been that when they become MPs, they get taken into a darkened room and told all sorts of secret things which only MPs can know. I would be happy with that, because I guess that if I knew all sorts of secret things I would have to ditch any moral scruples I had, and appear to become suddenly very, very stupid, in the national interest.

But part of me thinks that this can't be true, because if you told certain MPs certain things, they'd immediately blurt them all over the social media, like Twitter.

So what could be the reason otherwise? Is it that power corrupts?

Help me.


Fat Jac said...

i think the fact that some MPs don't succumb, says it the power corrupts thing.

Anonymous said...

Most are the product of Common Purpose education and are taught to be nice and promise all things in the run up to an election, once elected the CP carriculum comes into play, in all fairness, they really do believe in what they do or don't do, I offer, as evidence, the antics of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. No one in their right mind would do such things unless they believed they were right.
The goings on, brought abruptly to an end, on a certain Island in Norway should cause concern.

Akvavitix said...

One such MP wouldn't happen to be the media spotlight attention seeking Mensch would it?

Uncle Marvo said...

Er ... yes.