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Monday, 22 August 2011

People again.

People I met on the last tweet up.


  • Awesome. Just awesome.


  • I like Ange. She's cute. And she's genuinely nice too. 


  • Darth. Great chap. Comes complete with broken limbs as well.


  • Smiley fella. We like smiley fellas.


  • BRAVE girl. Had a fucked up back, didn't moan, wouldn't take a taxi. Top.


  • Poof. I kissed him. Not on the mouth, obviously. Nice guy, but a bit of a leftie. Good German, he speaks.


  • Norks.


  • Apparently a con artist. I prefer "suffering from something". Don't know what, not my place to say. I hope he gets better.


  • Chinaman with a huge truncheon, made me laugh like a drain.


  • Complete cunt.


  • Just lovely.


  • Lovely too. I'm not saying NORKS again. Deserves better.


  • Also lovely and has great friends. Which is nice.


  • Babe. And bought me an Ameretto. Star, therefore.


  • Not a poof. Why did I think he was? Been on the telly, by all accounts. Entertaining chap.


  • 44. So he says. Looks about 6. Great bloke. Very popular.


  • Completely wasted. Gay girls should all be ugly. Grr.


  • Laaaandan gel. Funny as fuck. Would pass the pencil test.


  • No way an MP. Too much of a decent chap.


  • If you could only go on the piss with one person, this would be the one.


  • Fat. Not Jacques. ALWAYS good value.

Not bad. Nice people.

You know, I don't know what most of them do, really. Nor they me. I don't care much.

Just be yourself. Especially you, Credo. You made me laugh.

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Darth Meerkat said...

An absolute pleasure to be there, a great crowd and a top afternoon/evening out! I look forward to seeing you all again soon :)