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Monday, 1 August 2011


Hello, Metropolitan Police.

I understand you're looking for information about anarchists? According to the Guardian, you are.

Here I am. I'm an anarchist. An anarchist is someone who espouses the philosophy that the state is useless, undesirable and harmful. Yup, that's me.

I'm afraid I don't yet go round setting fire to great public buildings, although there are a few shoved up in the 60's that desperately need it. But I can tell you that the state, as it is today, is all of the above. It's actually one big mindjob that is self-perpetuating, a huge waste of time and money and resource.

My kids told me the other day that anarchists are evil. They learned this at school. It's OK, I've put them right. They're anarchists too, now. I call them Spartacus and Spartacus. If possible, perhaps you'd put them in the same chokey as me, if that's possible, as I'd like to see that they are not brainwashed any more than they have been already.

Anyway, if you want me, Google will give you the IP address. Or simply leave an email address or phone number in the comments, and I'll pop round. I'll be in London all day tomorrow, so if you let me know which Nick you like me to come to in order to hand myself in, that'll save time. I shall probably be shitfaced.

Alternatively, there was a cop, one of yours, the Met, who had paedo photos of my kids. He got 2½ years for it. He knows where I am. I don't have his address, as he was out in 9 months and was given another identity. By you, I assume. And is now anonymously sitting somewhere, probably at a PC, grooming his next victims.

Anyway. Bye for now.

Oh, by the way. I think I might be the only anarchist, actually. Perhaps if there are any others they could say so in the comments.

Jesus (aka Spartacus).


Fat Jaques said...

I'm Spartacus

Captain Ranty said...

No, I'm Spartacus!

Anonymous said...

You two and the Government can fuck off - I'm Sparticus.

Anonymous said...

No! I am Spartacus and so is my wife!

Mitch said...

Room for one more on top?

Spartacus said...

I am Spartacus

Anonymous said...

Report to

Ian Mansfield
Counter Terrorism Security Adviser
Police Headquarters
37 Wood Street
London, EC2P 2NQ


Telephone: 020 7601 2863

NOW or else.

orcman said...

We are all Spartacus now ....

Fuck Ian Mansfield said...

I am spartacus, I am an anarchist, I am not your slave.

Fuck you little pigs, the big bad wolf is soon to be released from his cage.

wattana said...

thats sparticus all right

offshorebelle said...

Spartacus is procreating!