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Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I have been reading the news. There isn't any. Apparently we are going to have a general election, and Gordon will say that later. Maybe he has already. We all knew when it was going to be, so I'm not over-excited..

But I found another story, not even a newsworthy one, but something about it caught my eye.

I always thought that when New Labour was formed, the gang who formed it were all idealists who saw a vision, albeit a seriously wonky one in my opinion, for the future of this once-great country, where everyone would be equal, including women, coloured people, gay men, lesbian women, broccoli, non-English-speaking pregnant immigrants in wheelchairs, MPs with mental problems, burglars and smokers*

And there is nothing wrong with having a vision, even if it is largely based on a book by George Orwell. There is nothing wrong with seeing injustice in the world and trying to do something about it. I know there are things wrong. Some people disagree with my views on what should be done and what should be left alone. That's why we have democracy.

Some people seem to think that the vision of New Labour is somehow right. I think they're so far wrong that there's no path to right from it. So vote, if you're going to vote against New Labour, for God's sake. If you're going to vote for them, think about going to the pub instead, see if you can afford a cider.

But the news article I read this morning tells me that I was tremendously wrong about New Labour.

The news article was about a piece of burnt toast, and it is here.

It tells me that, after all the speechmaking, posturing, legislating, warmongering and, quite frankly, turning this country from what I knew into the communist shithole in which I now find myself, it wasn't for any noble motives.

Just look at the size of that fucking house!

*one of those is not entirely true.


Captain Ranty said...

Was it the broccoli?

Do I win a prize?


Anonymous said...

Ah, socialism, marxism, communism, isn't it wonderful. All pigs are equal, some are just more equal than others.

John Pickworth said...

I know that house well!

But I never knew 'the grin' and his model wife (inspiration for the Joker's lipstick in Batman) owned it?

Strange how the Proceeds of Crime Act doesn't apply here isn't it?