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Friday, 16 April 2010


It seems to me that what really matters in the General Election is that Eddie Izzard and that authoress woman I blogged about a couple of days ago - I forget her name - are actively supporting The Party.

I know this, because they've both written inane articles in some tiny corner of a guest spot in the MSM, and subsequently everyone and their dog has Twat about them.

It is important that everyone votes the same way as Eddie Izzard (who I seem to remember was a camp/TV berk, but I googled him and now he isn't, so maybe he's a different bloke) and that authoress (Potter?) because she was skint and now she's rich.

I know it is important. But I can't for the life of me see how, or why.

So I have started a Twitty campaign, where you say something like

"What does actor Hugh Grant think of Labcondem? Or Cambrolegg? Only I'd be interested, as he played opposite Julia Roberts once. #justasking"

And I will carry on until someone answers.

Please feel free to join in. I have to know.


Cynarae said...

JK Rowling. I saw an interview with her ages ago, I may still have it somewhere on a VHS tape, where she said that she hadn't been as poor as the press had described and now she suddenly didn't have money enough for a can of beans. Can the woman make up her mind?

But where is Bono in all this? He tends to be a bit of a whore when it comes to this sort of thing.

Most likely it's a new side of populism, a new way to appeal to the commen voters.
Which party has the most famous and cool friend in the whole playground?

You could go a bit more new journalism and ask How does actor Hugh Grant feel...

I would like to know what Liz Taylor feels about the election now that she is marrying for the 8th time.

Cynarae said...

Sorry, 9th time.

Cynarae said...

Oh, by the way I'd like to read one of your books if I may?
I'll shut up now.