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Wednesday, 28 April 2010


No, not the democratic republic of anywhere.

Gillian Duffy, of Rochdale, England.

The lady who Gordon Jonah Calamity Brown called a bigot, not noticing that there was a microphone attached to his person (you know, the one he'd been speaking into when he told her she had a "good family").

This lady may well have saved Great Britain. She should be hailed a national heroine.

I propose to buy her the hugest bunch of flowers imaginable. If anyone wants to chip a couple of bob in please comment, and I'll arrange for an email/PayPal thingy. If not, I'll stump up myself.

Anyone got her address?


Mrs Rigby said...

Thanks for all those links, used one as a P.S. on my place, and referred back to here.

Goes to show what he really thinks of the real people of Rochdale - and probably the rest of us too.

SadButMadLad said...

You can look up her address. Check BT's directory. Look at the photos of GB leaving her house and compare to Streetview pictures of the addresses you find in BT's directory. Took me about 30 secs.

John Pickworth said...

Did no one notice all the young teens and kids running around in the background of the news reports?

On a fucking SCHOOL DAY !!!

Instead of sending flowers, someone should be sending Ed Balls and getting him to sort out an obvious problem in Rochdale.

John Pickworth said...

Sorry, just read this in the Guardian:

Second world war veteran John Fish, 82, said it was wrong to call people a bigot, no matter what the circumstances. He is also a lifelong Labour voter, apart from one occasion after the war, when he voted for the Communists. "I have voted Labour all my life and it is not going to change the way I vote. There is no one else I would vote for."

And THAT is precisely why we're in the mess we're in.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

BIGOT = Brown Is Gone On Thursday