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Wednesday, 14 April 2010


I note with much interest that the authoress of Harry Potter, to my mind one of the greatest kid's books ever written, is poking in her two-penn'orth on a blog in the Times.

Many people have tweeted this link. Most of the ones I've seen are either dyed-in-the-wool drones, or people far too young to really remember the last Tory government. Nearly all are female.

Not knowing that much about the lady in question, I have taken the liberty of Wikking her, and it revealed that she married a Portugese bloke, in Portugal, and had a child. She was married for a year and a month. After 9 months of marriage she had the baby Jessica, and a further 4 months on, separated. None of which is any of my, or your, business.

What could be construed as my business is that she wrote this first best-selling book, which I have read twice, and which is awesome, whilst on welfare. She wrote it in Edinburgh, mainly in cafes, allegedly.

The father of that child is as responsible as she for the upkeep, and the baked beans required to feed her. If he was in Portugal and our authoress had decided to return to England, then the upkeep of the child, by the television journalist Jorge Arantes, was still his responsibility. Throwing yourself at the Welfare State is not the answer. You takes your choice.

The Welfare State was not owned by Labour in 1993-1995. Nor was it owned by the Tories. The Prime Minister at the time was John Major. The benefit system worked and people could afford baked beans. They could also afford something in cafes, apparently, unless it was all right at that time just to sit in a cafe and not order anything.

I suggest, because I don't live in a communist regime yet, that the benefit money which was dished out whilst she wrote that best-selling book should be paid back. In spades.

But she thinks she should bung the labour Party a million quid, based on what could, at best, be described as a dodgy memory.

I have been skint. Much more skint than that, largely because I was paying to support my kids who were living with their "single" mother. That's the way it should, and mostly does, work.

Live with it.


Cold Steel Rain said...

I chortled my way through that piece.

Oh whoa was me - unable to buy baked beans. I had to eat blu-tac to survive and we would bbq rats over zippo lighter flames etc etc etc.

What a load of bollocks and her books are utter shite.

Cynarae said...

Sorry to be a bit off topic but found two uk sites that hold Cardhu if you are interested and couldn't find you mail adress.

Hope it's the right one.

Mrs Rigby said...

In the article she says she was working part-time and claiming benefit. She ought to find out if people can do the same these days.

Getting rather sick of 'celebrity endorsements' actually, for example, what's being an ex Dr Who got to do with good/bad politics?

Uncle Marvo said...

She was Dr Who as well?

Who would've thought it?

Thanks, Cynarae! I'll go for the cheapo 12 y/o :-)

Mrs Rigby said...

No, silly, she wasn't Dr Who, but they've pulled him (whatever his name is) into the celeb endorsement thing