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Tuesday, 6 April 2010


A guest post.

My mate Albert asks if I can post this on his behalf. A bit of background about Albert.

Albert is my age, which is quite old. He's been here in England since he was two. He is from Jamaica, therefore he is as black as your hat. He has dreads, and he is a rastafarian. He has no idea who his father is. He works as a cleaner and is on a pretty low wage, and lives in a council house on a rough estate that I wouldn't take my car into, because its wheels have monetary value. He has a terrible stutter, which he says is because of the skunk that he has been smoking since he can remember, and which is why he doesn't have a better-paid job. But he is a very happy kind of bloke, and he enjoys all kinds of music, doesn't have any prejudices that I know of, and is pretty bright. Albert doesn't have access to the internets, but he does have a telly.

He says this of New Labour:

"I wouldn't give them the steam off my shit, especially Brown (the bloke, not the shit) and that Mandelson. And I'm glad Blair's gone. Shame the Tories couldn't find anyone better than Cameron though, he's Blair all over again."

Just to point out that there is another point of view.

OK, Albert?

"Yes," he says. "Post it up."

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I am Stan said...

Well said Albert ;-)......