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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Tax (contains offensive language)

Mr Constantly Furious described this "advert" as tendentious shit. A swamp of tendentious shit.

It's not like Mr Constantly Furious to mince his words like that. But I know how he feels. I have no idea how to describe this foul, disgusting, last-ditch attempt to cling to the slimy strings of power at all costs.

Mr CF then goes on to describe the perpetrators of this abomination as "utter, irredeemable cunts".

I agree with him. But I also sense his frustration in trying to find the words to describe his fury. There are no words good enough. Not in English. Not even resorting to expletives. "Jesus H. Fucking Christ on a Bicycle" doesn't come close.

I then listened further, and the same "advert" goes on to use the threat of cancer to secure votes. This really isn't funny, witty, clever - it's CUNTSTRUCK.

And I have this short message for the "STATE":

I was not over-familiar with tax credits. I went to the official web site to find out more, and it introduces the tax credit as "payments from the government". Now, dear reader, let me explain something. They are NOT "payments from the government". I am beginning to hate the word government. You, the government, are supposed to be the elected body competently running the country. YOU ARE NEITHER. YOU HAVE NO MONEY. It is OUR MONEY. Even that money OF OURS that you handed out to the banks, and don't talk bollocks about "we only lent it". Did you FUCK. Ask Fred Goodwin. Why isn't he in jail?

I suggest that the incompetent, overpaid FUCKWIT who coined the phrase "tax doesn't have to be taxing" needs to be suspended from a lamppost for all to see, nailed to the door of Number Ten and have his eyes pecked out by the ubiquitous pigeons. I feel quite strongly about this. TAX and TAXING come from the same root. And yes, it IS taxing. It fucking IS.

I paid tax for too long. I have never, ever claimed anything from the state, neither in its current guise as luvvy-dovey givey givey nicey nicey let's all be equal and have a free ride on this unicorn, nor when it was half-competently run beforehand. I have been unemployed, mainly because of FUCKING GLOBALISATION which I never asked for and never voted for (and nor did anyone else) and I have made do. Work, it's called. I know many people who are unemployed and who DON'T ask for FUCKING TAX CREDITS. They do this thing called WORK. And there is ALWAYS work. They do whatever has to be done, which is sometimes messy, hard, involves long hours and comparatively low remuneration, and they DON'T PAY FUCKING TAX on it. And I don't see why they should. They have a thing which I will call PRIDE. It might be the wrong word, but I know what I mean. PRIDE.

Now, you sycophantic festering pile of incompetent arsewipes, get this.


That's official. You can shove your tax up your collective and ever-expanding arseholes, do you hear?

I am only one. Hopefully soon, more balls will be grown, and I will be joined by millions. Millions who, like me, are SICK and TIRED of this Big Brother, let's be equal, give me a big hug STATE.

And we'll see how big the prisons are.

Oh, and by the way, look at "Example 1" in that link to the website. Mr and Mrs Khan. Excuse me, I live in England. The most common name is Smith. Then Brown, then Jones.

Oh, and by the way again, you may have different sexual tendencies than I. You may be a different colour. You may be a different religion. I represent the majority of the UK population (still) being heterosexual, white and Christian. I despise the way you marginalise me. I DETEST your policy of ensuring that I am reduced to one tiny cog in your horrible, incestuous workings.



And DIE.


Mrs Rigby said...

Everybody dies in the end, so you might have to be patient before all your wishes come true.

Oh, and as a taxpayer have you ever tried, really tried, to get some help from the state - if you really needed it because of unexpected hard times, such as illness or reduncancy?

Answer will be - go away, sell your house, use your savings.

w/v = knurd

Anonymous said...

Headsmackin’Cashwastin’Citizenhatin’Liespinnin’Delusionalthinkin’Shittalkin’Futurefailin’Smokebannin’Citizenconnin’Donor lovin’Expensesstuffin’blamedenyin’deathknelling.... labour.

The lost it generation.


John Pickworth said...

I'm a gay, white non-religious male... and I hate the state and everything it has become too.

Hey, instead of trying to crush the Taliban militarily, we should just install the Labour Party. The place would be on it's knees within weeks.

Depressingly, I'm not sure the Tories (or Lib/Labs, or Lib/Cons) will be that much better. Like I commented in the post below, we're headed the way of Sweden - but without the porn or underfloor heating!