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Thursday, 22 April 2010


I remembered what I was going to rant about now, having just posted that pile of cock about Janet Street-Prosser.

It was British jobs for British Workers. Wot Gordo said.

I have been reading the most appallingly badly massaged figures in the MSM showing that British people are unable or unwilling to do these alleged jobs. I see just as many showing that the British people are desperate to do these jobs but they've gone to Martians even though they neither speak English nor breathe oxygen.

But this is one I know about. I know about this one because I'm British, and it's my job.

This isn't racist, but ...

I offered, seeing as I know more about it than anyone on this godforsaken planet, to make some major (and I mean huge) alterations to a system. I know more about this system than anyone on the planet because I wrote it. I am not on dodgy ground here.

I quoted them a sum of money to do this, and a timescale, over a year ago. It would have been finished by now, and it would have worked, first time. I know this because I know more about ... sorry, repeating myself.

Anyway, because the firm is huge, they have accepted a tender to do this job from a company that is also huge. It has taken a year or more for the purchasing department, contracts department, legal department etc to jump through the hoops. The deal is done. It is twelve (12) times as much as I quoted, and twice as long.

Now I see a document emerge, showing how they're going to do this (it won't work) and why they're going to do this (it's so wrong there's no path to right from it) and where they're going to do it (the Czech Republic).

WHAT? I scream. The fucking Czech Republic? See, they can do that. They're multinational. They have a branch in the Czech Republic, another in China, Malaysia, The USA, France, Belgium. Probably even in Guatemala.

So this isn't a British job. It's a Czech job. It won't be in the figures. And if my cost of living was that of a Czech, I would have done it for 200 Marlboro.

You know I said it wasn't racist? It's getting bloody close.

Shove your multinational globalisation all-embracing culture up your multination, global, all-embracing arse. Especially you, Mandy. You'll probably enjoy it.


A Scaff said...

Anna Racoon's post about British jobs for British workers fails to acknowledge the fact that most of the construction is farmed out to subby's who only recruit from abroad.

John Pickworth said...

Oh Uncle M, bless you... believing that you could just roll up, demonstrate your wares, haggle over price and start work Monday? That's so 20th Century.

Nothing works like that nowadays.

Even starting a new job is a complete pain in the butt. Wasn't so long ago you would respond to a 'vacancies' sign by walking into the factory or shop, putting on a big smile and answering simple questions like "Do you know what the big green button does?". Hopefully, you'd turn up next morning with your P45 and away you go.

Today, you'll hear complaints from businesses about how desperate they are to fill a vacancy and yet they'll invite you back to a first interview in two weeks time. Followed by a second one days or weeks later. Then its document checking time and group assessment/team building afternoon (assembling lego etc). More meetings with HR, uniform measurements, health checks etc etc. If you've still not starved, thrown yourself in the local canal or started another job with a rival, you'll begin your first day at work -- most likely weeks after first applying -- to be confronted with orientation day, diversity awareness and.... you know what? I want to leave already.

God forbid you actually apply for a position that requires a CRB check or referral to the Job Gestapo... erm, I mean the ISA. You'd be waiting weeks or even months.

Its getting to the point where you need a degree and a team of lawyers to apply for work or offer your expertise to business these days.

Seriously! WTF have we done to this country?

This isn't about globalisation Uncle M, its more local than that. We've turned the simple exercise of 'bettering your lot', which previously involved little more than walking in the right direction, into a full blown army assault course. You couldn't put more barriers in the way to prosperity if you set out to do it on purpose.