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Thursday, 22 April 2010


It would appear to me that the Party Machine (Minitrue - Lies, damned lies, and statistics) of the incumbent government is struggling.

From Government to just another pony, no tricks left.

They deserve it. God, how they do. But why don't they just lay down?

The machinery is whirring. Prezza and Bellie are tweeting away as fast as they can tweet. I must confess I like Prezza - he had the balls to punch someone in the gob and maybe he should have done. He apparently thought it was blood, not egg, on his face. I'm not judging.

I'm not keen on Bellie. She hasn't got the common courtesy to reply to her twittering, nor even has she now got the time to delete the pisstake comments that have soiled her blog.Worth popping over there and having a read. Maybe comment yourself.

For some time, the tweetmeisters have been interspersing "news", such as knocking on the doors of innocent people in marginal seats, with ad hominem attacks, links to newsworthy (ROFL) articles, and the ubiquitous slagging-off of anyone who has ever said anything off-message.

But now it's just porkies. I've asked them to quote their sources. They don't answer.

So, people. Answer. Or I'll just post my own.

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