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Tuesday, 27 April 2010


What did we do wrong?

That's the question all but a very few of the New Labour Regime must be asking themselves.

The very few are still labouring under the misapprehension that they are not yet truly and comprehensively rogered up the back passage with a splintered axehandle.

Of the rest, I am guessing that at least some (I can't think who) genuinely believe that their vision for the future was fair and just.

As for the majority, and we all know who they are, the plan was always to get, and keep, the power, for ever, and ever, Amen.

Not ten years ago, the dead donkey was still a game prize in the grand raffle. Not five years ago, there may have been a donkey. Now the donkey's head is on a spike and being paraded round the streets of London, shown on all the telly channels and tweeted many times a minute.

They're toast.

So, Messrs NewLabour, this is what you did wrong. What you did was a filthy, rotten, underhanded trick. Some of us knew that from the start. Some woke up to it in time. Enough woke up to it too late. But you didn't finish it.

All you needed to do was to make sure that you put the right people on the benefits, the right people in the useless, sponging civil service nonjobs, and those right people, in your terms, would be the ones who will not only vote for your corrupt, stinking, hubrism-ridden self-serving government, but the ones whose vote would get you back in.

You've had 13 years to engineer it, and you haven't even managed to get THAT right.


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