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Thursday, 15 April 2010


I've read lots about Mr Devil in his Kitchen and a BBC bloke called Brillo.

As far as I can gather Mr Devil was (is) a LPUK chap, and Mr Brillo is a BBC reporter?

If I wanted to start a fight with someone I'd make sure it was on my turf. Mr Brillo wouldn't (couldn't) have a go at him on his blog, because he'd then get flamed by all the others. Sadly, all the others weren't in the TV studio. And Mr Brillo is a highly trained, experienced interviewer, and Mr Devil had no chance at all.

That's my summary. Good, isn't it? All I'm saying is, when it happens to you, you won't tell Mr B to fuck off. You'll shit yourself.

Perhaps I need more information. All the stuff I've read assumes I know more than I do.

1 comment:

Cold Steel Rain said...

Methinks I might actually tell him to fuck off and do one.

But then I'm rude, obnoxious and well versed in telling my betters where to get off.