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Thursday, 29 April 2010


Normal service will be resumed ...

This Gordo McDoom thing about the lovely Gillian Duffy has been done to death.

I watched it several times yesterday and it is clear to me, because I am so perceptive, that the bloke's got absolutely NO respect nor regard for anyone apart from himself. He called the now fortunate lady a "bigot". She isn't. She didn't say anything that could have been construed as bigotry, although she may have said what a lot of people think, including me. And bloody good for her.

John Prescott might be claiming that Murdoch is a bad boy - I have no doubt that he is. It's his job. He may be claiming that  the press have got it in for his hero. They have. So have I. I want to see your hero wriggle and squirm, because he and his cronies have virtually destroyed MY country. As the guest over at Cold Steel's place said - "charge them, remand them, incarcerate them." He's changed it - last time I looked he'd named them.

Nobody is listening, John. Most are not blaming you, you're doing your job. I'd bet a pound to a piece of shit that the last thing you wanted to return to after your campaigning yesterday was the news that your esteemed leader had dropped a bollock similar in scale to the "little boy" that fell on Hiroshima. I bet a further pound to a crate of wasps that you at least thought of a few expletives before you set about your mission to polish that particular turd. And I would flutter a fiver on the fact that, although you know and I know and the world knows that the "correctice action" you took to try to alter history was monumental in its cheekiness, it won't make a ha'p'orth of difference to diddly squat.

The fact is, and the fact remains, that it didn't matter whether the PM called our Gillian a fat cow, a bigot or a taxi. What mattered is that the Ayatollah McTwat declared, in front of the entire world, that he doesn't give a stuff about the country, its people or its politics. All Jonah cares about is the power, and himself.

Announcing to the entire civilised world that Britain is run by a complete fuckwit, though, is not just a matter for you and him. It is a matter for all of us.

So, World, I say this - and I believe I speak for a huge majority when I do:

We didn't want him. We didn't vote for him. We want rid of him. Next Thursday, it shall be so.

Please forgive us for allowing such a dick, and such a party of dicks, to walk over us for so long. We'll be back, and we'll be great again. Soon.

Thank you all for your patience.


JuliaM said...

Totally agree! Looking forward to not being a laughing stock of a country next Friday...

Dippyness. said...

well said Sir,

Jan said...

Very well said. However, I shall certainly not be voting Tory either, whether you like it or not!

Anonymous said...

A quick question about the immigration points system that Broon incessantly uses as a defence.

Does this system apply to all immigrants or just those high earners from outside the EU, Drs, lawyers, engineers etc. Does it apply equally to the non-uk tradesmen, semi-skilled and labourers that are the core of all out large construction projects?

subrosa said...

Oh Marvo, I do hope it's worth the wait to get rid of him. The Scotsman is saying that rumours are abound for Darling to be interim leader should they be defeated.