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Monday, 25 January 2010

Broken Britain

I'm normally reasonably calm, but ...

  • Two dodgy characters, in Edlington.

  • Not so long ago there were the ones who tortured a cat.

  • Before that, Bliar went on the rampage about the Jamie Bulger case, because it wasn't on his watch.

  • Ages ago we had Soham.

  • In the dim distant past there was Ms Hindley.

Shut up. Just shut up. Shit happens. One isolated occurrence, the baying hounds want blood.

I can't even be arsed to type all the zeroes after the decimal point when you work out what two of sixty mil is as a percentage. It approximates to fuck all.

Shit happens. Shit has always happened. Shit always will happen. It's sad when it does. Worse shit than any of this shit has happened to me. And I can actually blame the government. 100%.

And, in every single case, I can pin it, like a tail on a donkey, as the DIRECT result of them changing something which wasn't broken in the first place.

I'm an engineer. Things that are broken get fixed. Things that are not broken, and are not likely to break, get oiled.

Things that are beyond repair get replaced. When the replacement starts to fall apart, we go back to the original. The one that worked.

Why, why why why, the fuck, do these interfering wankers think that they have any idea how to make things better when they were fine before they started?

And why, why why why, the fuck, do they think they have the RIGHT to mess with other people's lives on a whim?

And if you think I don't have the right to ask this question, I ask it in the name of my daughter, who died, avoidably, because "someone knew better".

So, shut it, Milipede. Shut it, CMD. You have no experience, you haven't the first fucking clue what you're wittering on about, and you're fucking OFFENDING me.

Just crawl back into your box. Sort out something that needs sorting. Just put back those things you've fucked up, make them right again. Don't try any more of your fancy Politically Correct Uni American Special Relationship New Age Group Hug Holistic Horseshit ideas, just put them back as they were before you fucked them up.

And go and do something about ...

[please suggest something they're qualified to sort out. I can't think of anything]

I feel better now. Sorry.


Captain Ranty said...

You are asking far too much UM, but I suspect you knew that already.

These fuckwits live to interfere. They have no other purpose in life.

A smart human knows when to do nothing, and to know that sometimes, doing nothing is exactly the right thing to do.

These politicos do not have one iota of common sense between them, so how can we expect them to say "Nothing needs to be done here"?

They have never heard the phrase, and couldnt comprehend it if they did.

Twats. Every single one of them.


Anonymous said...

Even if it is broken, there is no Law of the Universe that demands it be fixed. Sometimes, broken things have a charm of their own that is lost in the fixing.

How is that we do not hear a clamour from the people when these dreadful hoons start tinkering: 'When did we ask you to do that?

Why do we not hear that? I don't know. But I do know that the consequence of that voice not sounding is that the morons feel free to do just what they please.

Captain Ranty said...

We DID shout once Edgar.

We asked them not to shut the post offices. 4 million of us asked.

They just ignored us.

It was at that exact moment in time I knew that petitions to these people are an utter waste of time.


Uncle Marvo said...

Wot Ranty said.

It wasn't the only time. The voice is loud, but it doesn't usually get as far as the radio or the telly. And that's what "we" hear.

If you listen to the BBC day in, day out, you hear the voice, as a soundbite somewhere in the middle of some obscure minority programme, usually when everyone is at work.