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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I'm not always right

This is something about which I am wrong.

I know I am, because everybody tells me that I am. So I am. Wrong.

I do not think that the government has any rights to me, nor anything I have. Any at all. I'm not talking about FMOTLship or anything like that, I just think that because a few million peeps are going to vote for one lot or another, that I have to go along with it in any way, shape or form.

It seems to me that, every since I was a young Marvo, there were two lots of "them". They were posh "them", who were Conservatives, and working "them", who were Labour. About half the people who bothered to vote at all voted for one lot, and about half for the other. Every now and again the lot that were in did something really unpopular and then a lot more people voted for the ones who were not in, who were then in. Sounds like a definition of the game of cricket for foreigners.

This is the first instance that I can remember in my long and illustrious life where the lot that are in have done quite a lot of really stupid, really unpopular things, and still have a fighting chance of getting back in, or at least not facing an ignominious and convincing defeat.

There are only two reasons I can think of for this, and they are these:

Reason 1 - the other lot are a crock as well. I think this might be the case, but at least they can't possibly be as unpopular as the lot that are in.

Reason 2 - this one scares me. It is only me that thinks that the lot that are in have done some pretty obnoxious, stupid and unpopular things. Me and a handful of others.

That is why I think, and secretly know, that they have no rights to me. I despise them. I disagree with their world vision. I disagree with just about everything they say or do, I hate the way they lie, I abhor the way everything is bent to suit them. I actually feel physically sick when I see or hear some of them talking absolute codswallop and I realise that there are people so blind, so stupid, that they can't see through this..

It might be something to do with the fact that it has just been announced that my job is being outsourced to the Czech Republic. But I don't think so. It has been in my mind for a long while.

Am I wrong?

Will some of you come and visit me in gaol? I hope so. Bring cake. I like cake. Among my favourites are Battenburg, any sort of almondy cake, Jamaica ginger cake, that kind of thing.

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Cynarae said...

Sure I'll bring lots of cake and home knitted socks.