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Thursday, 25 February 2010

A question for the Cons

As it is apparent that Mr "Call Me" Dave Cameron is not capable of beating a one-legged cripple in an arse-kicking contest, I wonder if anyone has any ideas on whether or not there is someone lurking in the wings to take over?

I suggest that, unless the present incumbents, and I emphasise the bents, in our illustrious snout-troughing corporation get a severe trouncing, the rest of CMD's party faithful will be looking seriously at trying another chap/chapess. Or another party altogether.


May I suggest to them that they do it right now? It won't be any worse, I promise.


Anonymous said...

Recall when Dan Hannan said he'd be cutting back on his MEP duties?

Well, it appears he is kicking off a Tea Party movement in Brighton.

Uncle Marvo said...

Well, fuck me gently with a lightly smoked haddock.

Isn't this a day for good news?

Now, hm, UKIP, or at least our man Farage, gets together with Hannan and his merry tea party, and whoop-de-do.

Could happen. Should happen.

Anonymous said...

Why haddock, Uncle M? What's wrong with cod?

Discrimination, I tell you!

Farage + Hannan is a dream team. But I doubt it will happen.

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