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Monday, 22 February 2010

You owe me

I would like to go to work, earn some money, spend it all on a house, a very big house, in the country.

Then I'd like to get very old. Very, very old. So old, in fact, that nothing works any more. And then, if that's all right with you, I'd like you to pay for me to have someone round every day to mow my big lawn, and do all the other gardening, and if you could see your way clear, they should cook all my meals as well, and put me to bed.

I could probably sell my very big house in the country, and pay for this myself, and have a lot of change, but I want to leave the very big house to my kids, so they can buy themselves a big house too.

Oh, and I don't want you to pay the going rate for these luxuries. I want the state to organise it for me, so it will cost lots of times more than that, please.

Thank you.

What? Unreasonable? No, can't be.

Is it?

I think so. But it happens. Who is wrong, me or everyone else?

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