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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Spirit of the Blitz

I work in a once-thriving area of England which has degenerated, over the past few years, into a shithole. It is a rural community with a few town centres and was the hub of several sectors of industry, the last of which emigrated to Malaysia a couple of years ago in the name of Globalisation.

It is not a good idea to go into the towns at night, because they are ruled by yobs and chavs. The pubs' doors are locked and you have to ring a bell to get in - this is to stop the pikeys getting in and thus drinking the place dry with their ill-gotten gains before wrecking it and scaring away the rest of the customers. Because it isn't actually illegal to go into a pub and drink it dry, the Old Bill can't do anything about it. It is illegal to wreck the pub, but by the time OB turn up, the pikeys have done a runner. The OB know where they are but won't go there, and I don't blame them.

So here is a community which is largely scared to leave the house after dark, with a huge unemployment problem and very little hope.

Last night I went to one of the smaller towns, because I was late leaving work, so I picked up a Chinese Takeaway (which was rather good, actually) and, whilst waiting for it, went into the pub next door. I have been to this pub before but not for a few years.

Pubs in these areas go very quiet when you go into them. People turn and look at you, and stop talking in case you are from "the authorities". And if you attempt to strike up some sort of conversation they accuse you of earwigging (a term which I believe means to eavesdrop) and can become quite violent. But it has changed. Noticeably. Drastically, in fact.

In the war (the proper one, not the political journalism-run ones we have now) there were The Germans. All were bad and evil and said "Raus" and "Schnell". I know this, because I used to read comics when I was a young Marvo. But they were the Common Enemy. And us Brits rally when there is a common enemy.

I wasn't there. My Dad, Great-Uncle Marvo was though, and my Grandad, Great-Great-Uncle Marvo. My Uncle, also named Marvo, was killed in it, by the bad, evil Germans. I'm sure he didn't particularly want to be. And I'm fucking sure he didn't go and fight The Germans because he wanted a world like the one we now live in, where we're ruled by them and The French, and where we're not allowed to sing Rule Brittania. So that was a waste.

I now know some Germans. I've worked in France. I like some Germans very much, and I even like some of The French. They are not the enemy.

I'll tell you who the enemy is, because last night, in this pub, the Spirit was back, with a vengeance. The Brits are rallying again. And they know their enemy.

It is called The Government. It is called New Labour. It is called The Banks.

According to the pubulation, they are "lying shitbags", "fuckers", and many other things, none of which I would regard as complimentary. The Glorious Leader's unfortunate child episode is seen as God-given retribution, so that won't work either. Posters are a waste of time.

The real people know their enemy. They don't give a monkey's which lot they are, either. Anyone knocking on doors asking for a vote is more than likely to be at the business end of a baseball bat in very short order.

These people need a leader. I am not one.

I'll tell you this - if these people don't get a better option, they will vote Nazi. That is a fact.

Where is the leader? They know who Nick Griffin is, because he's a loud-mouthed one-eyed loony, and at least he's got some neck. Ask them who the leader of UKIP is. You'll get some pretty vacant looks.

Who actually is it, anyway? I thought his name was Nigel, but apparently it's Lord. Either way, these people, real people, ordinary people, the silent majority, don't know either.

UKIP - get your fucking act together, why don't you?

Please feel free to get whoever it is that runs the show to read this, thank you.


Cold Steel Rain said...

One thing is certain we certainly drink in the same pubs.

I've not witnessed this much discontent in my many years of swilling ale.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

I remember the BBC omitting UKIP from the results (yop 4) of the Norwich [some ward or other] by-election last year. When they read them out on the news, they instead stated the Greens came fourth.

They're simply not dirty enough. Perhaps they ought to get goat felching, wife swapping, smoking in public or falling out of taxis pissed with underpants on show. Griffin's tactics are sly and simple. He just gets a goon to rough up a journo and he knows the front page is all his the next day.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

Typo: "(top 4)".

Captain Ranty said...

It's Lord Pearson of Rannoch.

A top bloke. Different from Our Nige, but a top bloke nevertheless.

I don't give a fuck what his title is. I just want him running the gaff.

I want my country back. So does Lord P.


wv = rampy. So very, very close.

Uncle Marvo said...

Sadly, the bloke on the Clapham Omnibus isn't going to vote for anyone called Lord Anything of Anything, except possibly Lord Jesus of Nazareth, and even then the blokes in the pub I was in last night wouldn't.

That's why Tony Benn changed his name.

I suggest Lord Pearson of Rannoch, for whom I have a shitload of respect incidentally, does the same, and soon, and gets his mug in front of the tellybox in between East Enders and Strictly Britain's Got the X Factor. Either that or does a bit of wild lunging at the Pope. I have quite a list of quite easy-to-do attention-grabbers, some of which are still legal.

If you see him, tell him.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

"NAZI" stands for


Hardly friends of the BNP eh?

I think you have the wrong people marked down as Nazis. Must have been reading too much of the msm or watching the telly too much.

I'm a BNPer - tell me why you think I'm a Nazi?

First tell me what you mean by Nazi? Children in a playground are able to throw naughty words around without knowing what they mean. I thought you were better than that.

Uncle Marvo said...

NAZI stands for the Nationalsozialistische in Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei.

It was indeed German originally, that's why the words are so long.

I believe that it is generally accepted as being a National Socialist generalisation now. If not, correct me.

I believe that the BNP are National Socialists. History has shown that National Socialism is fundamentally flawed, although I am fully in agreement of its basic principles. If they could ever implement it without the associated bad stuff I would vote for them. Unfortunately it attracts bad boys, and I'm not accusing you of being one.

I will take back any implications once I see evidence that the BNP have stopped behaving like a bunch of modern-day skinheads. Also, I'd be interested as to where the bullet came from in Nick's garden, you know, the one that blew his eye off.

Yes, I am better than that. Also, if I'm unprovocative, nobody posts any comments.

I welcome any further comments you have. If I am misjudging the BNP as they are today, then it is only fair that I get both sides of the story so I can make a better judgement.

I don't do MSM (thanks, Rosie, now I know what it is!), I don't have a tellybox, and actually most of the information I have on it is gleaned from the blogosphere (which I find more impartial).

Please carry on.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

The eye incident happened in France where the family was on holiday when he was a teenager. He was playing with a (legally possessed) shotgun cartridge (not a bullet), and did to himself what Hookie did when he was showing a bunch of Muslims how to make a bomb.

Compare BNP today with 20 years ago. Sure we still have a few problems internally - but these problems the party had take time to correct because the party is extremely democratic internally. So it has to be gradually nudged a bit at a time in the more civilised direction. We're getting there.

There is the added difficulty that local branches and groups are independent and act on their own initiatives, unlike all the other parties (well, the Liblabcon anyway) which are centrally controlled. Griffin's made good progress these past ten years.

We're getting there. And the only reason Griffin is surrounded by those bodyguards is because if he wasn't, Antifa would kill him.

Anyway - I don't REALLY take these things personally - it's only politics ... a serious game with serious consequences. Still just a game though. If we can't either take the stick or argue plausibly against it, then we shouldn't get involved.

I've been to war, now I'm involved in politics .... politics is dirtier.

Uncle Marvo said...


No comments. I have made one. Do so too.

Captain Ranty said...