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Monday, 8 February 2010

Nine Bananas

I hate blogs full of references. Hate them. Makes them so difficult to read.

So here is one.

The Constitutional Reform Bill (not to be confused with the Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill) is up for business in Parliament.

Captain Ranty does this better than I could. Worth a read. But I think I might have drawn his attention to it, and then again Mr Clock might have (see Blogroll, over there on the left). Either way, I maintain that I dredged it up on my daily read of "Bills going through Parliament". So there.

It's Good Stuff. UKIP's Lordlings Pearson (that's not Molesworth I's grate frend - it's the leader of UKIP) and Willougby de Broke (I know, I know) are quoted; Pearson spoke rather well, as did Lord de Broke (whose Bill it is).

As Lord Pearson puts it, very simply, it advocates getting out of the EU and having referendums on important issues. Binding referendums.

And I think it needs to be so. It needs to happen before the EUists implement the Atlantic Region and the North Sea Region, thus making East Anglia part of Denmark and the Isle of Man part of Cornwall. It needs to happen before the General Election.

It needs to happen soon.

However, it contains stuff that no politician, especially an MP, is going to go for.

Stuff like £30K salary (albeit with huge expenses) [8.1]. But then allow them to earn money elsewhere [8.4]. That won't make for much time being spent running the country. And it won't get this Bill many votes either.

Stuff like local authorities being able to legislate on just about anything [10.1]. Then them being able to tax you as well [12.2g], although this will make the housing market start to move. The Control Freaks won't like this bit. However the two MPs left who aren't Control Freaks, these being our Lordlings, will.

All in all, though, there are lots of bits in this bill that are wonderful, to me. Libertarian stuff. Sensible stuff.

That's why it won't get off the starting blocks, even though it's been "discussed". We'll see. If it does, I'll be both amazed and delighted, since it is nothing but bad news for Nu Lab.

Perhaps the Clown will then find another habit. As the great Guthrum ejaculated earlier, we've descended to the level of a banana republic.

I'm not sure that's what he meant.

1 comment:

Captain Ranty said...

I can confirm, Unkie Marv, that it was on this very blog I first learned of the Bill in question.

I went rooting for more details and came across the Clocky man, and swiftly nicked his post, or rather, a big chunk of it.

Now, regarding the shit that you don't think will stick: if I were crafting a Bill, I would do exactly the same. It is known, I believe, as cognitive dissonance. It takes your eye off the ball and while you are mincing around whining about those details, the overall Bill is passed, but with the unimportant crap having been amended.

Finger crossing time.