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Monday, 22 February 2010

Old Marvo's Almanac

Here is a prediction. I am not clever enough to fake the date on a blog, so I'm posting it now, so when it all comes true you can go "Yay!  Marvo was right."

Here is the statutory disclaimer: this prediciton will not come true if something drastic changes, such as a nuclear war, assassination or suchlike.

But otherwise, this what will happen.

There will be a general election. It might be in May, and probably will be, but could be a bit earlier.

At that general election, more people than normal will turn out.

The result of the election will be that the Conservatives will win, by a very small amount. Labour will come a close second. The Lib Dems will come third and they will be followed, a long way back, by UKIP. The BNP will gain seats.

That is the easy bit. It will be a silly little victory for the Conservatives, and a defeat for commonsense and democracy.

The bit that will be hard to swallow is that our Fuhrer will then be deposed by his own people, led by Mandebum, because the only reason they've let him stay in is because if they try to front it with anyone else now they will look as though they're in a pickle. And the Fuhrer will have got away with it, scot free, and will go down in the annals of history as a just bit of an arse.

We will remain in Europe and the EU will become all-powerful. I will die sometime and be glad to get out. I will never forgive myself for leaving this shit to the kids.

You know, this could all be very different. But it won't be. There isn't time. There isn't the opposition.

I'm sorry that this is so bleak for a snowy Monday.

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