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Monday, 25 July 2011


There is a virus going about. Actually, no, it's a worm. Not really, it's only an Iraq moment.

It's that thing where someone who you follow sends you a Direct Message, or "DM", saying something you can't resist clicking on, unless you're me, accompanied by text such as "This MUST be a picture of you!" (of course it fucking isn't) or "Wow! This is amazing!" (of course it fucking isn't).

They change the message every now and again. One day it might say "free pies!" and then John Prescott will be sucked in too.

When you click on it, you go to a Twitter sign-in page. But it isn't Twitter. Then, like the fool that you are, you type in your user name and password. Then YOU send everyone a DM too!

And then YOU are the bastard, until some other gullible twat does it. then they forget you.


Oh. For fuck's sake, how stupid ARE people, exactly?

Never mind.


Unknown said...

I've just had an email from someone I vaguely know on Facebook and when I clicked on the link (yes, I fookin' know) my virus checker told me to get the fuck out of there.

The person is against the smoking ban and I know he'd never knowingly send viruses or worms so I'll have to contact him to let him know. Don't click on this link unless you have a virus checker:

Does the link itself give you a clue as to what may happen?

Unknown said...

This post is just for email varification as I forgot to do it on the last post.

Woodsy42 said...

People are just slightly more stupid than you expect them to be.