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Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Oooer, missus.

Scary one. I said I'd blog about feminism, so I have to, now. Argh.

Feminism. It's about equal things: rights, votes, opportunities, stuff.

Problem I have is that I don't vote, so I can't comment on that bit. I despise politicians, what they do and what they stand for. Because all they want to do is to control and rob. So fuck them.

Rights? Right to vote? Got that. Right to work? Got that too. Right to the kids when a marriage breaks up? Pretty automatic, as is robbing the bloke of the house and anything else he may have worked his bollocks off for.

So. Opportunities? OK. I'm all for equal opportunities. I know some women who can carry a hod full of bricks. But not many. I also know some who can deal with high-level stress. But not many.

Thing is, women are not men. As men are not women. Women still have kids in the species homo sapiens. Men don't. Not yet. I hope to fuck they never do, although some of the changes "for the better" that I've seen since I was a youngster do really fuck me over.

My mum was a nurse. When she had me, cos I'm the oldest of four, she stopped working. I think most mums did in the olden days. She did stuff in the house. She wanted to do that. I liked it and so did my brother and sisters because there was always someone there. My dad went to work. I knew some kids at school whose mum went to work, but not that many of them. Some of them had mums who did other stuff, like teaching, which was handy because they worked school hours and took the kids home with them. To be honest, there weren't really that many huge companies around then. Which was nice, because most companies were run by people who had some idea what they made and had some interest in it.

It's different nowadays. Most women work even when they've had kids. There's nothing wrong with that, obviously, except that there aren't twice as many jobs as there used to be. Therefore the jobs had to be created. Easy to do, all you have to do is to take half the money everyone gets and give it to the other half and make up a job. Awesome plan.

So, that's done. And women can be hod carriers if they want. Also they can be engineers. I know some really good engineer women. They can never be programmers, because their brains don't work right. I know this. I'm expecting a kicking. Nor can the French, come to that. So it's not misogyny.

Women can be chief executives. That's fine, because with all the HR and shit there is in companies these days, if the shit hits the fan and they want to cry, they can, and they'll get counselling. Won't help the company much, but hey?

But, to be honest, the women I have seen in top positions have got there because they're hard-nosed bitches. Women can be much harder like that than men can. And if they are, then that's fine too. I will run a mile if a woman gets angry. If I get angry, you'll know about it. It gets dealt with. In seconds. If a woman gets on one, all hell breaks loose. It goes on for days. And women can say things I just wouldn't say.

So, feminism. Good thing. All in all.

What's bad about it is the way it's going. Norway is showing the way, they have a LAW that DEMANDS that 30% of high-earning positions go to women. Not to people who are most capable. Women. THAT is just fucking stupid. Perhaps 10% should go to black lesbians. Another 10% to people who only have one leg. Or maybe 5% to people with the left leg missing and 5% with the right leg missing. Or something. Load of arbitrary bollocks. Jobs should go to the people who will do them best. And if that happens to be a woman, then fine. Why not?

Here's the other bad thing about feminism.

Most of the activists (I hate that word as much as I hate activists) are catapult-fed and look like blokes. Not all. I know several who are FAR from that. I'm not saying who the catapult-fed blokey ones ARE, because you know already. Don't you? They should shut the fuck up. And get a proper job.

That's what I think.

Now beat me up.

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Cynarae said...

There's a debate going on here these days about the rights of men actually.
With the feminism women have started to get higher educations and using them and many women seeks a partner with a higher education or job position than their own. So many lower educated/income men have trouble finding a wife/girlfriend which apparently makes them unhappy in life. They've marked them Loser men.