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Wednesday, 27 July 2011


I'm only posting this so you can call me a racist.

I work in Northamptonshire. It's pretty much the home of the boot and shoe industry of England. Or it was.

We have a footie club, called Rushden and Diamonds. It was in the Conference League and I believe is now in a division. Or something.

It's owned, pretty much, by Griggs. Griggs make Doc Marten's. Favoured by the skinheads of the 70's, and workmen the world over. It employed 3000 people. They made stuff.

Griggs still make DMs. But not here. Not in England. They're made in the Far East now. And they're shit. No, really, they're shit. And cheaper. We used to get "seconds" from the factory shop at R&D's ground. They were mint. Now the ones in the shop are worse than the seconds, and the seconds are two pairs for a fiver and worth every penny of a pound.

Griggs are richer.

This places is a shithole filled with unemployed people, right next door to Corby which is also full of unemployed people, but with Scots accents even though they've never been north of the Watford Gap services.

That's good. Isn't it?

So I'm a racist.

Also I don't care about the starving people of China. Or whatever.

I *do* know, for a fact, that now these DMs get made by poor sods on a bowl of rice a day, while some fat cunt, who is now a brown or yellow person instead of a pink person, gets richer and richer.

So call me a racist.

Go on.

Either that or come up with some equally ridiculous lefty bollocks about the world being one big melting pot.

Or come and see me one Saturday night, and I'll show you what a shithole you can turn a place into, in the name of greed.

Bring a kevlar jacket and a weapon of some sort. Book early to avoid disappointment.

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