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Friday, 29 July 2011


I don't have a telly. I haven't had one for years. There are one or two programs on it worth watching, in my opinion. I like the wildlife ones if they're good. Also there is a bit of entertainment and drama. And a whole lot of adverts.

I threw mine out of the door one day.

I don't have to buy a licence any more. If there is anything good, like Life on Mars, I buy it on DVD then I can watch it again if I want. And pause it. And stuff. The licence fee is a choice. It is NOT a tax. No telly, no fee. So don't moan. Do something about it. If you want to.

So, anyway. If you like your telly, then that's fine. Of course it is. I find that since I dumped it I have loads of spare time. And I do loads of stuff.

My stupid hashtag, #NoTelly, on Twitter was some suggestions of stuff, all of which I do, which you could consider trying. Or you can veg away in front of the box.

The government like you to do that. What sort of state makes it mandatory to screen crap like party political broadcasts anyway? They love it.

They've got you.

They haven't got me.


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