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Monday, 11 July 2011


Here is idiocy.

I am working at a food factory. It makes ingredients. It doesn't make food as such, not like what ends up on the shelf and what customers buy.

It is owned by a huge, inefficient, incompetent corporation. The huge incompetent corporation makes food that does end up on the shelves.

In a very few of the factories that make the end product, you know, the ones who make things which have to say "serving suggestion" because the table upon which the product is displayed isn't actually included in the packet, and the jars and tins that have to say that nuts might have once been within fourteen miles of said factory, there could, thought it is inconceivable, arise a situation whereby a bristle falls off a brush and ends up in the jar of whatever crap product it is, and then someone could eat it and DIE, and then the unblemished record of Health and Safety would be tarnished.

And therefore we are not allowed to have brushes. And therefore, within a week, the place will be swarming with lice and rats and there will be a plague of locusts. And a holocaust.

For fuck's fucking sake.

The world is mad.

Fuck them.

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