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Monday, 25 July 2011


None of you buggers argued with my democracy thingy. Down there. Maybe. Or here

I assume, therefore, you didn't read it, or that you agree with it, at least to some extent.

I am a simple person. Not thick. Simple. I believe in simple. I am an engineer of sorts. Engineering, that's mechanical, software, biomedical, you name it, is simple. It's logic. It's where a thing has to work. It will work. It works if you do it right. If you do it wrong, it doesn't work. It kills people and it goes bang.

Politics is simple too. It is messy if it isn't right. It's taught by people who've never done it, using theories unproven, in schools and universities around the world, to people who want to be nobs. And talk bollocks. Hope you're with me so far.

So. England. Where I live. We have democracy.

Apparently we have democracy. We ARE a democracy. And we aren't getting democracy. Sounds a bit daft, but that's the way I see this.

Still with me? Hope so.

Then, this:

We are offered a democracy, which we aren't getting. And to which we are entitled. Therefore, in simple, logical steps, we should have the democracy to which we are entitled. And as we are not getting it delivered, we should take it.

Now, I'm not saying Norway or any shit like that, because that is just deplorable, nutjobby. murderous cock.

I'm thinking just a plain, easy, straightforward "er, hold on, what's all this bollocks, no, I'm not subscribing to this wool-pulling pomp and circumstance God Save The Queen (part-owned by the EU)" codswallop that we have now.

Anyone arguing yet?

Please tell.

1 comment:

Obnoxio The Clown said...

See my comments on your previous post. Even if we had a working democracy (for some value of "working") it would still be shit.

The tyranny of the majority on its own is enough of a reason to despise it.