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Monday, 22 August 2011


I didn't mention the war, you know. Couple of weeks in and out of Germany and Austria, I bet I didn't mention it more than, say, a couple of dozen times. Brilliant.

But I went to Nürnberg. We call it Nuremberg, which is obviously correct, but the foreign johnnies call it Nürnberg.

Anyway, in Nürnberg there is a big concrete thingy called the Zeppelin Stadium or some such. It's pretty shit. Not many people go to see it. The car park is empty. It's like something out of a film where the Zombies take over the world and the only people left go to this monstrosity. Or something. I don't understand why.

When you see old footage of Hitler in black and white, that's the place where he's standing, addressing the masses. You can go up there. So I did. I stood exactly where Hitler stood. You can see the big square in front, and then the woods obscuring the huge road behind. They were only put there after the war. There is a full sized coliseum too, and lakes and stuff. Hitler had these built because he was a loon. A megalomaniac. A genocidal nutjob, come to that.

Anyway, I was with an older (yes, there is someone older than me) lady. She was born in East Germany and snuck over in 1960, just before the Berlin Wall was put up. She's well-educated, and an English teacher. I've seen the Hitler footage, and he came across as a loud-mouthed fuckwit. I also read Mein Kampf (in English), and it's the most boring book I've ever read apart from "Everyday uses of Portland Cement (2nd Edition)". So I asked Mrs Woman, to whom I shall refer as Ully, for that is her name, "how the actual fuck did this galloping knobwit manage to rally the people, then?" And she replied "Ah, because he was a brilliant speaker, an orator without equal, a believer in his cause."

That's how Germans talk, you see. Anyway, I realised that the reason I thought he was simply a loony is that I don't speak German. It would be like a dog listening to me, I suppose. All I can hear is the intonation. No words.

But then it occurred to me that maybe I can see through to the lunacy beneath because I don't understand the language. I only hear the music. Not the lyrics.

I don't know. But when I hear some of the tossers today, in politics, and just look at the way they present stuff, without hearing the words, you know, I think I see some of that same stuff. And that scares the shit out of me.

Try it. Watch Dishface Cameron, Militwonk, old footage of Bliar, Brown, Manglebum, and turn the sound off.

Be afraid.

Tell me if you're not. And send me some of what you're on.


Anonymous said...

So, it was the oratory skills of Hitler that drew the crowds in the 30s.
Nothing to do with the Germans taking home their pay in wheel barrows and the price of a cup of coffee doubling in price in the time that it took to drink it.
No work.
French occupying troops forcing German people to step off the pavement when they passed.
Bits of Germany being given away to "foreigners"
Not a fucking job in sight.
Come on, if those conditions existed in England today, anyone who had the balls to say "follow me and everything will be alright"
would rule the day - any volunteers?

Anonymous said...

Hitler was at least honest in that he didn't say one thing and then do another, also he didn't charge people to hear him speak. He is therefore unlike that other warmongering knob - Tony Blair.

John Pickworth said...

I didn't much care for Hitler.... although I didn't get to know him until much later when he became our school caretaker. He was a right bastard then too.

I've been to the Zeppelin 'Field' at Nuremberg. Having been a student of the film Triumph of the Will* I was a little surprised to see its run down condition but then I suppose the authorities would be happy to see it crumble to dust.

* I've also met Leni Riefenstahl (twice). Maker of the famous Triumph of the Will film of the 1938 Nazi Party Rally at Nuremberg. Ironically, she used a lot of music in her movie too ;-)