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Tuesday, 29 November 2011


My 10 y/o told me earlier that the teachers are striking because the government is trying to take away their pensions, just like Mrs Thatcher stole their milk.

"Oh, really?" I enquired.

What I really meant was this.

Mrs Fucking Schoolteacher, you chose your profession. I'm sure your pension is under threat, even though there are people who work 48 fucking weeks of the year and work hard too, who retire when they're 65, and I'm sure they'd love the world fucking cruises that you're going on when you jack it all in.

And, furthermore, Mrs Fucking Schoolteacher, your job is to teach my kid English and Sums and History and Shit. I let you get away with PSH Fucking E because it's in the National Curriculum (it's government propaganda, for those who don't know).

What your job ISN'T is shoving your fucking political views down my kids' throats.

I may well turn up with my friend the Enlightener to your picket tomorrow. If you're lucky I'll be in a good mood and bring hot soup.

Be lucky.

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Anonymous said...

If they are unhappy with their job they can transfer their skills to the private sector.

It’s a win win situation really. As surely by freeing themselves from the constraints of the classroom they can show the world what they are made of.

It’s possible that the private sector will welcome them with open arms and gain from their experience of open market competition and their fearless stance on market forces and the economic storms that have battered world economies.

Go on take that leap of faith in your own abilities and leave the public sector behind. As if life is so bad and conditions are so terrible in these jobs doesn’t it make sense to free yourselves.

After all you train your pupils for the uncertainties of life after school. So lead by example and show your charges how well you can adapt to change.