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Thursday, 24 November 2011


Next Wednesday's Skool Programme

0900-0915 BACON
0915-0930 Physical exercise. It fucking hurts.
0930-0945 Recovery and tea.
0945-1000 Maths.
1000-1030 More Maths. How to do it properly. BODMAS. Hundreds, tens, units.
1030-1100 Even More Maths. WHY you need to know.
1100-1115 BACON
1115-1200 Physical exercise. Properly, this time. You fat fuckers.
1200-1300 Lunch. Cook or starve.
1300-1400 English. No, not American, English.
1400-1500 Break for those who can speak English. Beatings for those who can't.
1500-1530 Smoke break.


Unknown said...

Give punishment for those who forget kit and/or books

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