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Monday, 7 November 2011


Is this just me being bah humbug?

I was in a restaurant on Saturday, which had pissed me off already by changing the menu between my choosing what I wanted and my order being taken, and I had to go without lobster, so maybe I over reacted.

But on the table there was a small card, which I took, and which I have since lost, saying how a quid would be added to my bill unless I took it off, which meant that I'd have to notice this card.

The card is for StreetSmart - Helping the Homeless. It is "sponsored" by DeutscheBank, which means their advertising is all over the stuff, which means that restaurants everywhere are advertising whoever the fuck DeutscheBank are, for nothing.

Stephen Fry is on the inside cover.

Let me tell you, DeutscheBank could contribute MORE than StreetSmart make, out of petty cash, and set it against tax. In a heartbeat.

So I crossed off the quid from the bill. Then went outside and gave the Big Issue seller a twenty quid note and told him to get a B&B for the night. He probably bought drugs.

Fucks' sake. Deutsche anything can fuck off. So can Santander.


James said...


That's a bit insidious - sticking a charitable donation on your bill. Then people who cross it off risk feeling shit because they're 'not giving'. Emotional blackmail, if you ask me.

Very similar to when the Government takes money off me in tax and then gives it to lobbying 'charities' like Stonewall. Bastards.

If I want to give to charity, I'll do it myself - and I will choose the charities I support.

Anonymous said...

What's new, Cameron sticks charitable donations on everyones tax bill.
Pakisatan (sic)
There's lots more where that came from.
Don't moan too much about a solitary quid, think, instead, of the billions of quids.