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Monday, 7 November 2011


My mum has gone to a nursing home.

She has this:

You don't want this. There are a load of big words in there which are chiefly euphemisms for shit, more shit, and even more shit.

I haven't got a mum any more.

Where is Harold Shipman when you need him?

If I had one of "those" pills I'd give it to her.


Sue said...

I'm so sorry :(

All you can do is make sure the nursing home is making her life as pleasant as possible.

Anonymous said...

That’s because you care for her.
There is an unwritten but understood rule in our family that if through illness or accident our mind or bodies become so shot the humane way is to let us go to sleep and assist that journey if needed. The big sleep comes to us all after all and helping to make that journey as calmly and peacefully as possible shows love, respect, dignity and an understanding of life. Certainly machines and drugs may keep us alive but they are no substitute for living. Particularly if your mum or indeed any loved one has lived an exciting, interesting, event filled life. Only last Friday Brian May who is a very caring man in regard to both humans and animals was asked a question on this topic and he said he believes in this step too. Love comes in many forms.
So that’s me, you and Brian on this and I guess millions of other caring family members as well.