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Wednesday, 16 November 2011


I work for a huge organisation.

I work in one of the biggest factories in that huge organisation.

I pointed out to them some years ago that there was something lurking in their system that was going to bite them on the arse one day. I explained what it was, and what needed to be done in order to prevent it from biting them. I costed the solution and it came to £60,000. It was actually £10,000 but I factored in a fair bit of contingency, downtime, meetings and a fortnight on the piss, and expected them to knock it down to £30,000.

They responded accordingly and had meeting after meeting after meeting, whereupon it was decided that they should virtually rebuild the factory.

They assigned contractors by the dozen. Three years, and £2,500,000 later, the arse-biting thing is still there, they have had more downtime than ever, the new system still doesn't work.

People have egg on their faces. Last night they ran the new system all night, for the first time, produced virtually nothing, and today had a meeting where it was declared that "the project ran for 24 hours".

Does that sound scary? It does to me. The "project". Fuck the project. It's a factory. It makes things which we sell to make profits and pay people. But no, all that matters is the "project".

Just like the EU.

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