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Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Just been to the bank. The bank's in the town centre. The town centre is full of young, mainly pigugly girls with pushchairs containing at least two kids, they wear trackie bottoms and lots of jewellery in holes they make in themselves. The chaps are equally ugly, smelly, cruffy and eat McDonalds in the street.

They don't work.

They don't want to.

They don't need to.

They are mainly unemployable except doing jobs which the Poles are doing nicely.

That's why I don't want Labour.

That's why, if a Labour pact gets into government, I shall opt out of of society completely. Because I can.

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John Pickworth said...

I see you've noticed that the socialists have been pissing in the gene pool?

To be honest I might just bugger off anyway. Sure, Brown and his misfits have gone but they might come back one day... and I'm not sure I want to wait another 10 or 15 years while the Tories and the other lot fix things.