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Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Big Society.

Small Government.

Red tape gone, stupid regulations ripped up.

Er, no, actually.

More of the same interference.

Just in case I ever did think of employing people, which I have done in the past but would not do under Liebore with their paternity leave and shite, I now can't.

Let me explain what a company does, for the benefit of those who are too fucking thick to understand, such as the BCC, the TUC and the government.

A company makes something to sell. It might be a hard thing, like a car, or a box, or it might be a soft thing, like a program, or it might be a service, like some call centre bollocks or financial package.

A company "employs" people to help them do this. Employing them entails giving them some money in return for them doing some work.

The company already has to give these people certain things, like some time off now and again, and statutory sick pay, and maternity leave (for women) and now fucking paternity leave (for the sake of equality).

Now, when we are facing the deepest finanicial crisis in the whole of ever, and we need more people employing people, some magical pillock has deemed that it would be fair and just for everybody to only work when they feel like it.

Carry on. Labour are back.


SadButMadLad said...

Businesses are also the government's unpaid tax collector. Now they have to become the government's unpaid social worker as well.

Yes people have a life outside of work and need to fit that in with their work patterns which businesses can easily handle if they didn't usually have crap managers more interested in their empire building than looking after their staff. Happy staff are more productive staff which is better for the company. So a bit of lee way and common sense can do a lot.

It does not mean that maternity/paternity and sick pay have to be paid. The government should pay it, sick pay that it is. Maternity pay is an option just like getting pregnant is. Getting sick is not an option.

The Victorians had some good ideas. Titus Salt was one such person. He built Salts Mill in Shipley along with the accomodation for his staff, including a church.

Caratacus said...

You are not alone Old Son. I'm self-employed with the emphasis v.much on the first bit. I could easily expand my little enterprise and employ half a dozen people but flatly refuse to do so. The extra few grand that I might eventually end up with after every bastard has helped themselves is far FAR outweighed by the fact that I sleep nights and the dog knows who I am when I get home.