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Wednesday, 5 May 2010


I'm consoling one of our Polish friends who works here. He works bloody hard, too. He has a family, he is buying a house. He works all hours God sends and he does work that I wouldn't want to do. He never complains.

He has gathered from propaganda from the Labour Minitrue that when the EEEEVIL Tories get in, and he knows they will, he will lose first his job then his house.

We ALL know that when the Tories get in, tax will go up, petrol prices will double, we'll be in the Euro and a war will start with France. You told us. But come on, folks. It's one thing just lying your little tiny titties off about what will happen when Cameron gets in; we all die of cancer, our children will be taken from us - we're big enough and ugly enough to see through all that bollocks - after all we've had THIRTEEN YEARS of your constant lying and mind-control.

But leave my mate Pawel out of it. How can you stoop so low?

I've reassured him. But be ashamed of yourselves. Be VERY ashamed.

God, I'm going to be so pleased on Friday when your noses get rubbed in it.

Bastards. Utter, incontrovertible BASTARDS.

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Anonymous said...

We had a great Polish builder put on an extension to our house. For sure, the Poles are not afraid of hard work and they have integrity.

It's sad that they bore the brunt of anti-immigration. They've had a tough history and can teach us a thing or two about freedom and what it really means.

Please send your Polish friend my best wishes.