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Thursday, 27 May 2010


@BevaniteEllie, the twitter for Labour, posted this.

I commented as below, and I would expect it to be published. Bets for and against? It is awaiting moderation.

“… a party who have desperately, but unsuccessfully, tried to convince the public that they’ve changed …”

I’m not sure what you’re saying here. Are you saying that the public need to think they’ve changed the party? That the party is trying to convince us that they’ve changed?

I’m not going to lower myself to the “get a life/sense of humour” comment, not after you invited it so willingly. But by biting on it before you even received any comments, surely you must realise how you’ve come across? It is a great shame, your school was a good one under Labour (as was mine under the Conservatives) and you’ve received a good education. But your venom has come out in the post which looks as though you’ve bashed it out in a hurry to vent your anger.

I’m not a Waugh fan. I’m an IDS fan, and I think he was out of order even if he HAD forgotten Yvette’s name (which he probably had). It’s difficult because I’d think of her as Balls, as I’d think of Sally as Bercow. And I’m probably as old as IDS too.

Ellie, I know I take the mickey on Twitter (even though you blocked me, for which I feel hurt, in a way), but I really do like your writing. Please take a bit of time and read it back to yourself – there’s no point writing to your “mates” – the ones you’re trying to convince are your adversaries.

I think if you get off the “Evil Tory” bandwagon you’ll realise that there are many points of view. I believe mine is right – you believe yours is right. I am willing to be swayed by your writing, and hope that you’d be willing to at least read (and perhaps comment on) mine, sometime. I try my best.

Please keep it up! And please don’t delete my comment, it probably took me longer to write than it did for you to write your blog :) < unnecessary smiley


Anonymous said...

Your reply has been published, mine was rejected.

Eliza D

Cate Munro said...

Awwwwwwww Marv! Have you been blocked . . . deleted? :-(