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Monday, 24 May 2010


Hello, conscience! Hello!

Someone told me something last night. I hate people telling me things. This person, let us for the sake of argument call this person a "she", was skirting round the issue of "the cuts". She works for what could possibly be described as a government thingy, loosely.

She started off explaining that she hadn't had a pay rise for two years, and that she wouldn't get one this year either. Wrong target, luv. I explained that I hadn't had a pay rise in ten years. It went like this.

Moi "I don't see why I should get a pay rise. I don't do any more work".
Her: "But things cost more, you know?"
Moi "Yep. But I don't produce any more than I did, I don't work any longer or harder."
Her "Then in real terms your wages have come down."
Moi "I have a choice. I could get another job. So could you."

I always win these arguments. The firm I worked for went bust, was taken over, was taken over again. It, like shit, happens. I don't give a toss, I am pretty unmotivated by money. If I want something I wait for it. If I can't wait, I do some extra work for someone. Anything, really.

Anyway, the daft bint then decides that because I am not a greedy bastard, she will confide in me.

Her "We got a donation from X (a big company)"
Moi "That's handy, how much?"
Her "£35,000"
Moi "Fuck me! What are you going to do with it?"
Her "Our department needs it to get on with an overseas development project."
Moi "Zzz"
Her "Anyway, they want it back. The chap from X says to raise a cheque."
Moi "Odd."
Her "He wants it paying into his own bank account."

Arrrgghhhhhh, I go. Now I know something which I need to tell someone about. I don't have anyone to tell. So I shall tell the internet.

If my conscience is out there, please can it give me a clue what to do?

Oh, and by the way, would it make any difference if X was actually a bank?


1 comment:

hunkofjunk said...

no quandry. Tell her to report it immediately, there is no upside for her. She can't caim innocence because it's so manifestly outside normal practice and when this guy is caught, as he will be eventually, she'll go down with him; if only by association.

Of course it makes a difference if it's a bank, it's like a policeman breaking the law. As regulated individuals there is no recourse.

Two other points, if X is doing this he must be in a boatload of trouble so is likely to be up to other nefarious activities. He will be caught. Second, I can't see any outcome for "Her," other than stress, sleepless nights and eventual unemployment.